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On the way. In the Land. Esther Scroll. 2020
Jewish cart.
Shmuel (Anatoly) Schelest
Summer. Winter. Spring-Autumn. 2019
«Jerusalem Rainbow».  
Dream I. Dream II.
Life of a tree. 2018
Still life. People. Skyline. 2018
Shmuel (Anatoly) Schelest. 
Catalog. The Moshe Castel Museum of Art
Music in Art. 2017-2018
«Cosmoport». 2016
ART exhibition catalog
Tree of life | Tents of Israel | Kibbutz Galuyot
Contemporary art festival
Shmuel Anatoly Schelest - artists catalog
Jerusalem Rainbow
Art Project Jerusalem catalog | Home / New works / Family
Israeli Artists from Belarus  
Иерусалим - молодость вечного города
Israeli Artists from Central Asia  
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