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About the Gallery

Club-Gallery "Skizza" was   established in May 2007 by the two art curators Marina Schelest and  Marina Genkina, and by artist Shmuel Schelest.
Since its establishment in Israel, in 2008 till 2022, the gallery has been located in a historical building at Derekh Hebron 12. Since 2022, the gallery moved to the very centre of Jerusalem on Koresh Street 8.
Over the course of its activity, the gallery has organized an assortment of exhibitions, a series of concerts, numerous musical evenings, as well as lectures and movie screenings.


All of the aforementioned activity was done under the umbrella of large and often exceedingly ambitious projects developed by the curators of the Club-Gallery – Marina Schelest and Marina Genkina (RIP).

With the help of the Ministry of Absorption, three serious projects were brought to life: «From the Countries of Migration» – From the year 2008-2019, every exhibition shows the creativity of artists from one of the countries of migration.
«ART… АРТ … » – An annual festival of modern Israeli art, from 2012-2019 onward.
«Jerusalem’s Rainbow» – An annual festival of thematic exhibitions, from 2013-2020 onward.
Club-Gallery Skizza also develops multinational projects: «Wanderings of the sons of Israel» – This exhibition has travelled the world:  Köln, Mainz, Chemnitz, Kiew, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Buenos Aires, Paris (2010-2019). This project was done with the aid of the multinational fund «Genesis» and the Ministry of Information and Diaspora of Israel. «Adam, where art thou? » – This exhibition was done in 2014 with the participation of Israel’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Georgia. It  has become the beginning of a much bigger project – the exchange of art exhibitions of Israeli and Georgian artists.
Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the gallery has been working closely with Ukrainian art institutions: Charitable Organization "Good Heart Kyiv".
Currently. The gallery cooperates with the Department of Jewish Art of Bar-Ilan University.
The gallery's projects were carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Jerusalem Municipality.
The gallery has published more than twenty catalogues, sets of postcards and can be proud of the large gift edition "Yoffi shel Israel".
See the "Catalogues" section.
The activities of the Club-Gallery were widely reported on by the Israeli media, such as «Jerusalem Post» and «Vesti»
Current affairs are constantly monitored by the radio network «Kan-REKA», on which curator Marina Shelest maintains a regular column about events in the gallery.  

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