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About the Gallery

Skizza is a small gallery that is located in the center of the world – in Jerusalem, right across from the walls of the Old City. Skizza, which emerged through the ideas and projects of two art historians, repatriates from the former Soviet Union, has become over the 13 years of its existence an important center for the cultural life of Russian-speaking Israel. We exhibit repatriated artists who unite Jewish and universal values ​​in their creative work.

«The voice is the voice of Yaakov and the hands are the hands of Esau»  This phrase from the Torah concisely formulates the credo of the gallery: The hands of Esau* is a method of artistic expression based on a classical European education, while the voice of Yaakov** is the Jewish aspect, which is difficult to define but is perceived on the level of the artistic tone.

*Esau is the son of Yitzchak from whom the European nations are descended.

**Yaakov is the son of Yitzchak from whom the Jewish nation is descended.

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