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Jewish Cart 2018-2019


​Jewish history began with the exodus from Egypt, continued with their wandering through the desert, entrance into the promised land, the exodus from Israel, 2000 years of wandering through alien lands and finally gaining an independent state again in the 20th century. «I will spread you among the nations, and later will bring you back into your land…»

This has determined not just our geographic location but also our spiritual state. Our wanderings – are not just a search for shelter, but also a search for ourselves. 

For 2000 years we have lived with our suitcases packed and ready to go, and only with the return to our land are we finally capable to «get off our wagon». That’s what the series «Jewish Wagon» is essentially all about: Ukraine of the 18th century, France of the 19th century, USSR in the first years of Soviet rule, Prague in the Middle Ages, Israel today and in 1948, Babylonian exile, Germany of the year 1945, Spain of the 15th century, the Holocaust… 

Movement is life and it is continuing, but the wanderings are over.

Shmuel Anatolyi Shelest, Jerusalem 2009.

Jewish Cart. 2008-2010. 60x90 cm (each). Canvas on cardboard, acrylic.

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