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Exhibitions 2010

Jerusalem House of Quality Exhibition Hall.

All exhibitions associated with festivals are supported by The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. The «Jerusalem Rainbow» project was supported by the Jerusalem Municipality, Social and Performing Arts Affairs. 

1. «Gates...» 22.02.10-3.03.10. Shmuel (Anatoly) & Marina Schelest. 

2. «Can't tell the Jester from the King». 25.02.10. Annual Purim one-day exhibition. 

Project «Young Jerusalem».

3. «Without Passion Life is Meaningless». 19-20.05.10. Dasha Reznitsky & Ariela Keinan. 

4. «Looking for the Blue Thread». 27.04.10-09.05.10. Installation Shmuel (Anatoly) & Marina Schelest. 

5. «Israeli Artists from Belarus». 17.10.10-15.11.10. Catalogue. Participants: Alexander Adonin, Yakov Feldman, Alla Grinberg, Andrian Judro, Joseph Kapelyan, Igor Kaplunovich, Tanya Karavan, Boris Karavanov, Edward Levin, Vladimir Levinson, Lubov Minkovitch, Ruslan Sergeev, Dmitry Vilkin.

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