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Club-Gallery "Skizza" was established in May 2007. This project was created and is co-run by the two art curators Marina Genkina and Marina Schelest, as well as by artist Shmuel Anatoliy Schelest.

 For almost 13 years, the Gallery was located in the Jerusalem Art Center on Derech Hebron Street.

In May 2022, the gallery opened in a new building, in the very center of Jerusalem at st. Koresh 8.

Thus began a new stage in the life of the gallery.

Now, in addition to constantly changing exhibitions, the gallery hosts numerous master classes, lectures, concerts, a permanent art boutique with jewelry, postcards, etc.


Koresh 8, Jerusalem, Israel

+972 502247334  Marina Schelest, Art Director and Curator of the Gallery

+972 547717464  Marina Genkina, Curator of the Gallery

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