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Jacob’s Dream. 2009. Acrylic, canvas on carton, 74x105 cm

My morning begins with prayer and the reading of the Torah, and continues in my art studio, where my mind is still reflecting on the words of the Bible. From this inspiration came a series of artworks on Biblical themes, including this painting of Jacob’s Dream, which depicts one of the most visually dramatic moments in the Bible. Among a medley of figures, the dreaming Jacob dominates the center of the image, his eyes looking inward at himself. On the right, his dream plays out, with angels ascending and descending the ladder that is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. This work was executed using a blue palette reminiscent of Tekhelet, the blue dye used for the strings of the Tzitzit, which themselves connect the two worlds and represent our awe of Heaven.  In my view, the angels are the artists and writers who do the work of connecting the upper and lower worlds, translating spirituality into concrete imagery that is available to all.

Jacob’s Dream

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