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Night Lamp «Jerusalem Lion». 2019. Paper Cut, Canson 160g, 14x28 cm

Jerusalem for me is not just a city where I live, it is a city with tremendous energy that nourishes and inspires me. The extraordinary atmosphere of Jerusalem, its old streets, windows, the Old City, the Western Wall all of this fills me with energy and inspires me to do new works on the theme of this fantastic city! The Jerusalem lion is a symbol of Jerusalem! The lion is the symbol of the tribe of Yehuda and the royal house of David! He protects the city, gives it the strength and nobility of the king of beasts!

Jerusalem is my love: a source of strength, energy, inspiration and feelings.

The lamp with the Jerusalem lion will bring the energy of goodness and harmony to any home, filling it with Jerusalem light.

Night Lamp «Jerusalem Lion»

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